• Principal Software Developer with 15 years of professional experience based on deep theoretical knowledge
  • Specializes in developing software written in Java, designed in accordance with microservice architecture, that uses persistence and middleware systems
  • Key business domains are: fintech, healthcare, telecommunication and internet marketing
  • Highly interested in Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing (many personal projects available on
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Result oriented team player, comfortable with working within Agile environment


2019 - 2020
Senior Java Developer at Euronext Centevo Norway by Jit Team

Responsible for:

  • building new payment system from the scratch and integrate it with Norway payments providers (NETS, Evry)
  • implementing support for ISO 20022 - standard of electronic data interchange between financial institutions


Java 8, Spring Framework, Spring Boot (microservices), Spring Cloud elements, Hibernate, Cucumber, Git, Maven, Docker, Gitlab, Jenkins, Splunk, Kanban

2017 - 2019
Senior Java Developer at Hoffmann-La Roche by Astek

Responsible for developing automation system for Roche's In Vivo Research Building "Bau 98", including:

  • Implementation of new features according to business needs
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Maintenance and bug fixing
  • Deployment on various environments (test, production, etc.)
  • Writing developers tests (unit and integration) and technical documentation


Java 8; Spring: Cloud, Boot, Security; JPA, Hibernate, REST, WebSocket, Kafka, MySQL, MongoDB, GIT, Docker, ELK, Jenkins, Jira, Scrum

2009 – 2017
Regular/Senior Java Developer at Adva Optical Networking

Responsible for developing the company's main software product FSP Network Manager:

  • Implementation of key security features like “Single Sign On”, “2 Man Rule”, “One Time Password” and protocols: Radius, Tacacs+ and SSL/TLS
  • Taking care of High Availability system and ensuring SLA on 99.999% ("five nines") level
  • Build Master - taking care of daily and nightly builds
  • Member of the Machine Learning group


Java 8, REST (Jersey, Jackson, Jetty), Corba, IDL, EclipseLink, AspectJ, Spring DI, ActiveMQ, SNMP, Radius, Tacacs+, PKI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JUnit, PowerMock, Mockito, SVN, Ant, Ivy, SNMPc, Swagger, Waterfall, Scrum

2008 – 2009
Web Developer at InteliWISE

Backend programmer in various company’s projects

2006 – 2008
Web Application Developer at Implix (GetResponse)

Developer in projects:


2005 – 2007

Master of Engineering in Computer Science majoring in "Application of Database Systems"

Master's Thesis: "IT Job Portal"

Koszalin University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science

2001 - 2005

Engineer's degree in Computer Science majoring in "Information Systems in Management Networks"

Engineering Thesis: "Database Application to Support Holidays Homes"

Koszalin University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science


  • Certificates & PKI (ExperTeach München)
  • Machine Learning by Stanford University(Coursera - online)
  • Attacking and securing web applications (
  • Developing JEE Architecture by BNS IT
  • Design patterns and refactoring to the patterns by BNS IT
  • XML Schema modelling by Altkom Akademia
  • UML 2.0 modelling by Altkom Akademia


  • infoShare: Tech, New Media & Startups Festival
  • Geecon: Lets move the JAVA WORLD!
  • 33rd Degree: Conference for Java Masters